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Welcome to Our OpenAI Assistants API Pricing Calculator

Discover the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of the OpenAI Assistants API for building AI assistants within your applications. Our calculator provides immediate and precise cost estimations, helping you to budget efficiently for your AI integration needs.

How Our Assistants API Calculator Benefits You:

      • Instant Cost Assessment: Quickly determine the cost of using the Assistants API without needing to manually reference complex pricing tables.
      • Detailed Pricing Insights: Gain a clear understanding of costs associated with the Code Interpreter and Retrieval tools, ensuring transparent and predictable budgeting.
      • Accuracy in Calculations: Eliminate errors in manual calculations with our reliable tool, ensuring accurate cost estimations every time.
      • Strategic Budget Planning: Efficiently plan your financial resources with clear and predictable cost estimations for integrating AI assistants into your projects.

Understanding Assistants API Pricing:

The OpenAI Assistants API offers tools like Code Interpreter and Retrieval, priced separately to cater to varied application needs.

Assistants API Pricing:

  • Code Interpreter: Priced at $0.03 per session, this tool interprets code as part of the assistant’s response process. Each session is active for one hour, and multiple sessions across different threads incur separate charges.
  • Retrieval: This tool is priced at $0.20/GB per assistant per day. It chunks and indexes your files in a vector database for efficient retrieval. Charges apply separately for each assistant accessing the stored files.

Utilize Our Assistants API Pricing Calculator:

  1. Select the Tool: Choose between Code Interpreter and Retrieval based on your project’s needs.
  2. Specify Parameters: For Code Interpreter, enter the number of sessions; for Retrieval, input the GB storage used.
  3. Instant Price Calculation: Receive immediate cost estimations tailored to your selections.

Why Choose OpenAI Assistants API?

The OpenAI Assistants API stands out for its ability to create purpose-built AI assistants that use OpenAI’s advanced models. These assistants can access files, maintain persistent threads, and call various tools, making them ideal for a wide range of applications, from customer service to internal operations​​.

Leverage our Assistants API Pricing Calculator today to optimize your budget and integrate cutting-edge AI into your projects!