OPENAI Tokenizer (GPT-3)

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Tokenization, at its core, is the process of converting input text into smaller pieces, called “tokens.” These tokens can represent words, characters, or subwords. Imagine taking a sentence and breaking it down into individual words. Each word becomes a token, making it easier to analyze and process. 

How Our Tokenizer Tool Helps:

  1. Input Your Text: Paste or type the text you wish to tokenize into the provided text area.

  2. Tokenize: Click on the “Tokenize Text” button. The tool will then display your tokenized text, highlighting each token with a unique color.

  3. View Results: By default, you’ll see the colored representation of your tokenized text. But you can also switch to the “Token IDs” tab to view the unique IDs for each token.

  4. Review Token and Character Counts: At the bottom, you’ll see the total tokens and character count for your input text. This can help you estimate the cost of using the OpenAI API.